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CGOBC Has Split into Two Organizations

As with most grass root organizations, after reflecting on the two very different approaches that we were using to accomplish our objectives, CGOBC has decided to reorganize and evolve into two separate organizations. We encourage all people involved with the former CGOBC to engage both of the new organizations.  They are:

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  • Pennsylvanians for Self Protection – a non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization that focuses on outreach to gun owners and non-gun owners as an informative and educational organization. PA4SP is equally focused on educating and working with legislators not only to prevent new gun control legislation, but also to advance gun owner rights and reduce criminal firearm activity. The PA4SP scope is expanding statewide. Visit them here: www.PA4SP.ORG
  • A group named “Concerned Gun Owners of Pennsylvania” that focuses on field action countering anti-2A forces. Visit them here: www.CGOPA.ORG